Juice squeezer

Juice Squeezer

Equipment Overview:
At present, the domestic fruit and vegetable juice beverage industry to achieve separation fruit, vegetables slag and fruit and vegetable juice.Belt type press Filtering machine shearing removal is the use of extruded fruit, vegetable residue in fruit and vegetable juice, which has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, continuous operation and low power consumption advantages, but a larger area, This prevents Belt type press machine to promote the fruit and vegetable juice industry.To change the fruit and vegetable juice industry with Belt type press Filtering machine covers an area of major shortcomings, and to further promote its use, Hefei Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tiangong based on years of research and manufacturing experience, for the fruit and vegetable juice filter press specific characteristics and developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology on a new type of vertical fruit and vegetable juice squeezed Filtering machine-DYQ continuous vertical fruit and vegetable juices continuous press Filtering machine.The machine can also be used in enrichment and other related fields dewatering materials.

How it works:

DYQ series of vertical fruit and vegetable juice squeezed Filtering machine for the continuous removal of gravity off the juice can be divided into juice, juice wedge preload off the juice and squeeze off three important stages.
Gravity juice off stage:a period of gravity is located off stage filter with juice on the design of a small segment of the sports section of the tilt angle.Fruit, vegetable product after cleaning and sorting by the conveying means for feeding the crusher crushing, pulverizing the fruit and vegetable products from the conveyor to the fruit and vegetable juice Filtering machine the filter belt press, and after the feeding device feeding stalls the role of the device, the broken fruit, vegetable products in the width direction of the filter can be evenly distributed.Gravity, free state fruit and vegetable juices and fruit and vegetable products to be separated first residue, and gradually make Fruit, vegetable residue products, vegetable juice content is reduced mobility variation.Gravity off the juice segment in addition to fruit and vegetable products slag part of the fruit and vegetable juice.
Wedge juice preload off stage:After the juice off the stage by gravity, fruit, vegetable products slag fluidity significantly worse, but still difficult to meet the requirements of paragraph juice squeezed off its liquidity and, therefore, in the press off the juice segment and gravity off between juice segment, plus a wedge preload off the juice segment, the segment main role is to make fruit and vegetable products slag formation, uniform thickness, while being slightly squeezed.Wedge is through some form of rollers arranged in wedge space narrowing down the filter with the distance to the last close, so caught in the middle of the filter with fruit, vegetable products by the extrusion pressure slag gradually increasing fruit and vegetable juice will constantly flowing therefrom.Fruit, vegetable residue was then squeezed off the juice segment, mobility is almost completely lost, so to meet the vertical fruit, for fruit, vegetables liquidity requirements slag product vegetable juice squeezed off the juice squeezed Filtering machine segment, ensuring fruit, vegetable products not slag off the juice in the press section is extruded under normal circumstances, creates favorable conditions for smoothly squeeze the juice off.
Juice squeezed off stage:to bypass the filter belt rollers midnight, the sandwiched filter cake with two different radii of the respective rotational displacement difference, which causes dislocation of the cake and shearing, thereby further improving juice squeezed off effects, vegetables.In the area repeatedly squeezing and squeezing rolls shearing off in addition to most of the fruit, fruit and vegetables inside the slag contained vegetable juice, juice gradually achieve the requirements of a final cake.

Technical parameters:
Item \ Model
Filter width mm
Filter belt tension kN / m
Filter with a line speed m / min
1.6 to 8.0
Host power kW
Cleaning filter with pressure MPa
>= 0.5
Production capacity (Apple) kg
Length * width * height mm
3125 * 1990 * 3300
3125 * 2490 * 3300
3125 * 2990 * 3300
3125 * 3490 * 3300
Weight kg