High Efficient pressure leaf filter unit

Equipment Overview:
Efficient and airtight pressure leaf filter unit is Hefei Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tiangong designed according to market demand, an efficient manufacturing pressurized sealed vane Filtering machine system, the device is a highly efficient, energy-saving, closed working filtration equipment, For petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, beverage and other industrial liquid filtration processes or liquid bleaching process, the machine can also be used for other uses or does not use aid aid liquid filtration process.Machines include the following equipment:
Main Filtering machine
Two main Filtering machine, both with a jacket.One using another backup or regeneration.Main Filtering machine structure closed.Main Filtering machine with rapping unloading equipment.
Overpressure relief device
Pumps, valves, piping materials through the material to the main pump Filtering machine.Precoat filter aid circulation pumps, metering pumps, pre-coated mixing tank, two Filtering machine, two protection filter and piping valves installed on the same platform, the platform piping system with a good pre.
Protection filter with two protective filter supporting the use of two main Filtering machine, equipped with a valve can be switched to use to ensure the accuracy of the filter filtrate.
Efficient and airtight pressure leaf filter unit

Efficient pressure leaf filter unit
Precoating a mixing tank mixing tank precoating, airtight structure, with a jacket for heating insulation, roof vent pipe design, adding a filter aid manual bucket from the cone.Tank installed float level gauge (upper and lower level signal), the signal output to the control box, the indicator shows the upper part of the tank installation bimetallic thermometer.
Insulation and heating equipment and piping can be 50-100mm thick fiberglass insulation cladding.All equipment jacketed vessel, pipeline materials go, valves and other steam heating pipes.
Explosion-proof control box on-site equipment control box fixed on the basis of the platform, were set pre-coated circulating pump motor, motor metering pumps, pre-coated mixing tank motor start and stop buttons and lights, and a power indicator light on the control panel, two Filtering machine's main level indicator (not two main Filtering machine's level by observing its upper endoscopy) and the pre-coated stirring tank level, limit indicator.

Filter principle:
The high-pressure leaf filter unit uses a sealed, multi-leaf filter, micro precision filtration method to achieve the desired separation, Filtering machine management belong cake filtration.Its structure is: in a sealed enclosure, equipped with multi-piece stainless steel vertical filter leaves, and attached to the support, play a major role in filtering.When filtered, the first loop filter be pre-coated, so that the pre-filter leaf surface layer coating, to be clear filtrate (through endoscopic observation) can be properly filtered.

Content on the filter aid process influence graph

Content on the filter aid process influence graph
The principle is: When feeding pump a certain amount of input into the chassis suspension to be processed, will have some pressure in a sealed container, the liquid suspension under pressure through the filter, the filter leaves inflows lumen of the tube via the outflow serum.The suspension was then trapped in the solid surface of the filter, the filter cake is formed initially, this process may be referred to at the beginning of the filtration.After a brief period early filtered by the filter at the top of the particles formed bridging the gap, become the basis for the formation of a thick cake.After the initial filter stage, into the formal filtration period.When the cake is formed to a certain thickness, would produce a certain filtration resistance, forming internal and external pressure.As filtration continues, the solid particles in solution in the filter more leaf surface adsorption, after some time, when the layer reaches a certain thickness of the filter cake, the filter can not be continued.At this point, stop the feed pump feed.The residue inside the leaf filter under the action of compressed gas through the inlet tube at the bottom of the liquid tank back pressure.After all filtering operation is completed, by shaking the device be unloading hammer rapping, manually open the butterfly valve at the bottom of the machine, remove material residue.

Closed operation, pressure filtration;
Achieve diatomite dosing, pre-coated, with pre-coated filter to ensure filtering accuracy;
Units to achieve pre-coated filter and switching operation between each other independently of each other;
The initial turbid fluid circulation, the end residue reuse;
Rapping discharge, low labor intensity;
And material contact parts can be made of stainless steel, such as chassis, leaf filter, screen, etc., corrosion resistance, durability, long life, can reach the food, pharmaceutical production and health requirements;
Use of protective filters, to further ensure the filtrate quality;
Can realize steam heating, plumbing heating, ensure process requirements;
Compact machine structure, easy operation, low labor intensity; automation control can be achieved.

Typical applications:
The unit is suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, beverage and other industrial liquid filtration processes or liquid bleaching process, the machine can also be used for other uses or does not use aid aid liquid filtration process.
Application examples:
Media Name: paraffin.Description: solid particles containing paraffin (liquid)
Temperature: 130 Freezing Point: 90
Maximum inlet pressure: 0.75 MPa normal inlet pressure: 0.56 MPa
Operating state density 750 kg/m3 (130 ) Operating state viscosity 4.7 CP (130 )
Concentration of solid particles normally 20 wt. PPm maximum 160 wt. PPm
Solid particle size distribution: <1 um 0.5 wt%; 1-5um 5.5wt%; 5-10 um 37 wt%; 10-20um 42wt%; 20-40um 15 wt%
Solid particle diameter 1-40 um; particle skeletal density 3500 kg/m3
Solid apparent density 1470 kg/m3; product solids concentration normal <5 PPm, maximum <10 PPm.