Lifting Filter Centrifuge


LGLZ pull type scraper unloading bags automatically Centrifugal machine is a new type of filter type Centrifugal machine, unloading process, the first scraper action, the role of scraper, most of the material through the hole blanking row to the bottom of the drum machine outside residual material layer by automatically pull the bag inside the drum body, oscillation effect, the complete removal of residual material layer.

The centrifugal Filtering machine set in one of a number of high-tech, such as touch-screen computer program control; variable frequency drives, electrical braking; sealed, explosion; non-contact level detection, multiple automatic feed; special cloth devices, even smooth feeding and washing ; customized damping system, no foundation design; multi-point automatic CIP.The aircraft is to meet with GMP norms of a new generation automatic centrifugal Filtering machine, a user upgrading step solid - liquid separation equipment.The machine can filter size 0.005mm above solid phase concentration of 3% to 50% suspension, processing capacity from 50kg / h ~ 3t / h.

2.the working principle

Driven by the drum motor drive system circuitous turn around the spindle axis, forming a centrifugal force field.The suspension is separated from the feed tube into the top of the drum, falls within the distributor, under the action of centrifugal force, the flow of the drum wall, the liquid filter and through the filter wall of the drum hole thrown cabinet space together within the chassis ground tank through the drain pipe from the solid phase remains in the inside of the filter cloth.For washing, the wash water through the pipes join wash wash.After the dehydration is completed, the unloading process, the drum at low speed, the first scraper action, under the action of the scraper, off the majority of the material through the discharge orifice to the outer bottom of the drum dryer; bag inside the drum starts oscillation means , downward movement of the lower end of the bag to drive until straightened bag, inside the bag so that the residual layer of loose material to open under the action of gravity, the outlet from the bottom of the drum drops.

3.the product characteristics and main uses

1 Main features:

(1) improvement of more advanced and reliable device to pull the bag

The first generation to pull the bag pull the bag structure Centrifugal machine through a fixed spindle in the lower part of the cylinder, the cylinder piston rod inserted into the hollow shaft, and then pull the bag connected to the ring by pushing rod holder, manufacture and assembly reasons, it is difficult ensure Centrifugal machine spindle axis entirely coaxial with the cylinder piston rod, and therefore is likely to cause damage to the cylinder and pulley bearings between the cylinder piston rod suffocated.

Improved air bag device designed to pull the shock specially designed cylinder mounted on the central cylindrical hub drum, the drum rotates in synchronization with the concentricity is guaranteed, compared to the first generation of a common pulling bag device reliability is greatly improved, while Pull the bag increased strength, better discharge effect, for loose granular or crystalline materials even without scraper scraper and pull the bags directly from the discharge of materials to avoid breakage.

(2) pneumatic control

The aircraft scraper scraper and cover open actions are achieved by a pneumatic system, clean sanitation, to avoid running hydraulic system, run, drip, leak contamination of materials and the environment.

(3) uniform cloth and washing device (optional)

The machine uses a specially designed feeding device can be added to liquid form to ensure fan oblique cone (see below), along the direction of the drum height uniform cloth, a cloth to avoid severe vibration caused by eccentric, when the two can eliminate feeding material splashing liquid.Feed valve, washing valves are controlled valve, depending on usage, you can jog or automatically controlled by a valve opening and closing.

(4) No foundation design

Change the past Three-column Centrifugal machine suspension support structure basis using GERB mucus body vibration damping shock absorber for the Centrifugal machine special designed shock absorbers for professional structure based Centrifugal machine, select the appropriate damping and resilient means, damping effect so that the machine has been significantly improved.The machine can be placed directly on the flat ground or floor, without pouring the foundation and anchor bolts embedded, easy handling and installation of the machine.

(5) High-tech multiple security applications

Process machine operation is controlled by electrical control system implementation.The machine adopts touch-screen computer and PLC programmable logic controller setup, AC variable frequency drives, electrical braking, and equipped with advanced inspection and monitoring equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation of the machine.

5.the structure of the drawing machine

LGLZ type Centrifugal machine structure pictured above figure.It is dominated by the fuselage, gear, drum, spindle apparatus, scraper discharging device, pull the bag device, feeding and washing valves, electrical control systems and other components.

A Transmission apparatus fuselage means 3. Spindle unit 4. Pull bag device washing apparatus 5. Drum member 6. Scraper device 7. Feeding device 8.

Electrical Control System

Automatic control of the machine operation during the electrical control system is implemented.The machine adopts variable frequency drives, electrical brake, touch screen computers and PLC programmable logic controller, and equipped with advanced inspection and monitoring device to ensure safe and reliable operation of the machine.

Material detection device

The detection rod into the cylinder, when the scale will automatically detect settings, feeding valve closes automatically to prevent overflowing.Poor dehydration cake, use a timer and counter control several times feeding, can increase the amount of processing.And upon detection of contact with the test rod cake.

Abnormal vibration detection device

Base mounted vibration detection device capable of detecting abnormal vibration centrifugal separator, and automatically stop the machine, to prevent failure.

6. process flow diagrams

1 The machine must be mounted horizontally on a foundation or framework, the use of special active vibration isolation devices, without casting base, can be placed using upstairs;
2 feed valve, purge valves, piping and hose connection body uses to prevent body vibration pipeline;
3. Feeding tube, cleaning pipes, tanks and other auxiliary materials system user-owned facilities.