MCTL multistage centrifugal extractor

Conventional liquid - liquid extraction equipment compared multistage centrifugal extraction machine has the following advantages:
short residence time, less material retention.
separation factor, high efficiency liquid phase separation.
need regular shutdown operation can quickly reach equilibrium, thus contributing to intermittent operation.
simple structure, large capacity.
rugged, how the drum level (up to 5-7 grade).
extraction efficiency (theoretical stages dollars) against two effects overall and relative liquid flow.Each basic mechanical level equivalent to a theoretical level.
with stable hydraulic pressure, thereby simplifying operations, reducing the pressure on the liquid inlet and outlet of the implementation of fine-tuning.
low installation costs (non-special base; drive motor drive multiple extraction level).
ancillary equipment is simplified.

Extraction of these types of models of the machine is mounted on a stand with the earthquake iron frame, so that no special dock.
A hub supporting drum made of stainless steel, the stainless steel is mounted on the hub with high strength stainless steel roller bearing shaft.
There airtight enclosure around the drum, the machine can carry out an operation under inert gas protection.High-strength stainless steel shaft with a sealing cap.
Light phase discharged from the turbo pump, heavy phase discharged from the turbo pump or gravity.
All the parts in contact with the liquid to be treated as 316L stainless steel 18 Cr, 2.5 Mo (if necessary by the use of other materials).
All models of the drum are connected via V-belts electric motors, can replace the V-belt drive pulley to adjust the speed.The following devices can also be used in conjunction with standard motors: electronic soft start, AC variable frequency drive, to achieve a variety of speed

How it works:

Loaded initially contains one or more solutes (heavy phase diagram) and the other a solvent immiscible with (a schematic diagram of the light phase) having different densities in the extraction stage mechanical Drum the reverse flow.Mechanical mixing stage and the subsequent separation of the heavy phase for mass transfer of solute to the light liquid.

Each stage is roughly equivalent to a theoretical mechanical stage, comprising:

out 1.25, flow ratio of a product.

Application examples:

A, for liquid - liquid two-phase separation;

B, atomic energy (nuclear waste);

C, hydrometallurgy (rare metals, non-ferrous metal extraction);

D, bio-chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals;

E, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, chemical pesticides;

F, biological extract (the active ingredient of Chinese medicine, tea, plant extracts, etc.);

G, fine chemicals (flavors, colors extracted);

H, petrochemicals (crude oil dehydration, desalting)

I, the environmental protection industry (phenol-containing waste water treatment, oil and water separation).

Centrifugal extractor machine is now widely used in many fields hydrometallurgy, waste water treatment, biological, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, perfumes, dyes, atomic energy and so on.Especially for a similar density, difficult to separate in the gravity field products; separation or solution or a low solute concentration in wastewater substances.Heat-sensitive materials, high boiling point or boiling point similar material is also very practical.

Applications in the pharmaceutical industry:

In the pharmaceutical industry, the current number of amino acids and other antibiotic drugs and biological products used in the production of centrifugal extractors have to rely on imports.The new centrifugal extraction machine can replace imports, the market prospect is broad.
In biological engineering, has been successfully used to extract active ingredients and herbal plants.

In the nuclear fuel reprocessing in the application:

Stage centrifugal extractor machine has a short residence time, less fluid retention level and other characteristics, it is suitable for processing nuclear fuel, because this is critical to ensure the safety of nuclear radiation geometry and reduce the degradation of extractant very beneficial, especially for containing fissionable particularly important to high concentration of the substance, burn deep and short cooling period for post-processing of irradiated nuclear fuel.

Environmental phenolic wastewater treatment:

Centrifugal extractor dephenolizing with equipment small size, high efficiency, low dosage features extraction, can save a lot of costs of extraction solvent, phenol removal rate of 98%.At present the domestic enterprises in industrial wastewater discharge about 400 million tons of industrial wastewater containing phenol which accounts for about 0.5%, about 20 million tons.According to market research, about 30% of the total projected domestic emissions of industrial wastewater containing phenol can be centrifugal extractor dephenolizing, a total of more than a thousand centrifugal extractor.

In hydrometallurgical application:

When using the hydrometallurgical extraction process, especially when you need a lot of progression or non-equilibrium extraction can be used when the application of centrifugal extractors have good prospects.Centrifugal extractor for extraction equipment to reduce the area occupied by the plant, reducing the extraction process of extracting agent retention volume extraction system from start to shorten the time and is conducive to the stability of automatic control and other aspects have a significant effect.

In other traditional industries to replace traditional extraction equipment applications is very broad application prospects are very good.