ZG conical double helix mixing dryer

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Dairy, Cosmetics, Mining, Metals, Others;
Function: Mixing / Drying, Heating / Cooling, Sterilization / Cooking, Washing, Nitrogen Removal, Vacuum / Pressurization, Granulation / Caking, Crystallization

one. main application:
1. Mixing
In the pharmaceutical sector, the ZG conical twin helix mixer can be used as a conical mixing device, such as in the production of hormonal products. The main function of the device is to control the feed and mixing mixing and can be repeated to obtain uniform particles loaded products for the production of flaky drugs to lay the foundation. ZG-type conical double-helix mixing dryer set up a number of special devices, especially for mixing, mixing function, but also equipment, full-cleaning function. Meet the GMP requirements.


2. Food Process
Coffee companies do not destroy the other active ingredients and does not damage the coffee beans from the case of extraction of caffeine, this requires ZG-type conical twin-helix mixing dryer to provide a high reliability, gentle cleaning, large volume of the environment, And ZG-type conical double-helical hybrid dryer is also a number of special structure to adapt to extreme environments such as vacuum, steam jet and high temperature hot water.

3. Dry
Fine chemical industry in the terminal bag products need a drying equipment, through the comparison of related equipment, ZG conical twin-screw hybrid dryer has great advantages. ZG conical twin-screw dryer can shorten the drying time, can be built-in tapered heating tube to increase the heat exchange area and improve the mixing strength, better maintain product integrity, to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment will not bring pollution risk , In addition to the ZG-type conical twin-helix mixing machine host, but also supporting the vacuum system, solvent recovery system, heating or cooling system, on-line cleaning system.
ZG-type conical twin-screw hybrid dryer also has a high reliability of the drive and sealing device.

two. Structure and principle
ZG conical double helix mixing dryer is mainly composed of conical container, drive system, double screw mixing and mixing device, spindle seal, discharge valve, dust collector, electrical control system and so on.


1. Cone-shaped container is a material collection container, the material mixed in the container, dry. A jacket is arranged outside the container, steam is introduced into the jacket, and the material in the container is dried by heat exchange.
2. Driving system is mainly internal and external shaft rotation, rotation of the power source. The drive system drives the related gears through the motor and the reducer. The inner shaft drives the double helix to rotate. The rotation will drive the material to turn up and down, and the outer shaft will revolve around the center to revolve the whole material.
3. Double-screw mixing and mixing device is arranged inside the conical container, stirring mixing effect. Depending on the specific requirements, can also be set to a single helix structure. Screw device will flip the material, the material fully mixed, shorten the drying time.
4. The main shaft seal is a cartridge-type mechanical seal structure, which can effectively seal the steam generated in the conical container when the material is dried, so that the equipment is in a totally sealed state.
5. Discharge valve set in the bottom of the cone-shaped container, is conducive to the smooth discharge of materials, not easy to plug.
6. Cone-shaped container at the top is set to head structure, the force is good, generally with the feed inlet, cleaning mouth, sight glass, vacuum suction port. Dust collector installed in the head, suction vacuum, the material dust can be avoided to be sucked away, resulting in material loss.
7. Electrical control system is mainly the distribution cabinet and on-site explosion-proof operation box. Power distribution cabinet is generally non-explosion-proof, to provide power for the equipment, three-phase five-wire system, 380V. On-site explosion-proof operation box is generally explosion-proof, providing on-site control, such as emergency stop, electrical start and stop, light and so on.
According to user needs, our company can also support some of the equipment peripherals such as vacuum systems, online sterilization, on-line cleaning, pipeline integration, instrumentation and so on.

Three. Equipment advantages
1. High-precision mixing effect
Mixing accuracy of up to 1: 100000, different density and different particle shape of the material can be ZG-type conical twin-screw dryer to be fully, high-precision mixing, so a small amount of additives such as active materials, etc. can Are mixed to be added to large quantities of material.
2. Low shear effect
ZG-type conical twin-helix mixer on the material products to produce low shear agitation, consumption of power is small, mixed soft, short mixing time.
3. For viscous products
Material viscosity causes an increase in frictional force and pressure between the particles. ZG conical double helix mixer in the viscous product system, will be fully mixed.
4. Feed volume control
ZG-type conical twin-helix mixer dryer capacity of the feed volume from 100% to 15% of the filling are appropriate, the amount of feed does not change the number of operating performance.
5. All through the bottom of the material
Equipped with a spherical valve at the bottom of the device, will not produce clogging, to achieve full-type discharge slag.
6. Closed and clean
ZG-type conical double-helix mixing dryer fully enclosed, clean design. Including all parts of the access part of the part have good reliability, whether for the product or the external environment, its high security performance.
7. Wide range of uses
ZG conical double helix mixing dryer to adapt to different types of material system, especially for the need to be closed or process control of the occasion. Such as pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields. In addition, particularly suitable for vacuum or high pressure conditions, easy to cause material instability and easily lead to biochemical reactions occasions.

Four. Technical Parameters


Large diameter of conical container(mm)


Heat transfer area(m2

Motor Power(kW)

(Length × width × height) mm



















Equipment Material: Material contact with the part of the material can be required for stainless steel 304,316 L, 2205,904, titanium TA2, Hastelloy C276 and so on.