LW Horizontal spiral sedimentation Centrifugal machine

Equipment Overview:

LW Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine by way of flowing countercurrent flow can be divided into two kinds, and, according to separate phases can be divided into two-and three-phase separator phase separation type, according to the structure can be divided into ordinary type, explosion-proof and sealed three.Is a very broad use of Centrifugal machine, mainly used to get drier cake (solid phase liquid removal) or more clear separation of liquid (liquid clarification).It can be used to separate solid particles containing >= 0.005mm suspension of solid phase particles can also be used for classification, separation of the filter cloth is more suitable for reproducing the material difficult, and the concentration of the larger particle size range suspended liquid, cake also washing.This Centrifugal machine is not suitable for solid or liquid phase is small compared to the difference in weight is greater than the specific gravity of the suspension of the solid phase separation.The machine has a continuous operation, large capacity, low power consumption characteristics.Is widely used in chemical, food, environmental protection, light industry, mining and other industrial sectors, such as polyvinyl chloride, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, starch, calcium carbonate, tailings separation, purification of fats and oils, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage The processing.Vertical settlement Centrifugal machine more suited to a sealed, explosion-proof requirements of the occasion.
LW Horizontal spiral centrifuge

LW Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine
LW Horizontal spiral centrifuge schematics

LW Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine schematics
How it works:

Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine utilization suspension the solid, liquid density difference, the drum rotating at high speed centrifugal force field generated by the solid-phase manipulation rapid subsidence in the drum wall, so that the solid-liquid two-phase separation.Centrifugal machine started after the suspension (material) from the feed tube inner tube spiral was added, and then flows into the drum, the centrifugal force to the drum wall settling the solid phase, by the screw conveyor to be pushed from the small end of the drum slag discharge port, clear liquid overflow from the big end of the drum overflow.Centrifugal machine continuous feed, continuous separation, the separated liquid and sludge is continuously discharged separately.
Typical uses:

Chemicals: ammonium sulfate, alumina, barium sulfate, lead oxide, carbon, titanium oxide, lead sulfate, dyes, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, pigments and the like.
Petrochemical: nitrocellulose, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene glycol, polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate and the like.
Food: apple juice, peanut oil, fish wringer, grease, coffee liquid, canola, carrot juice, starch, grape oil, animal oil, soy milk, soy protein, palm oil, wheat flour and the like.
Mining: mineral wash water, a variety of gypsum, drainage, tar residue, iron, ferrous chloride, various hydroxides of various oil drainage, washing and other kinds of dust.
Equipment: benzene emulsion rolling oil, cutting oil, coal tar, oil cooling.
Environmental protection: waste oil, oil tank sludge, municipal wastewater, leather wastewater, wastewater, livestock farm drainage, domestic wastewater, faecal sludge, a variety of plant waste and so on.
Technical parameters:
Item \ Model
LW200 * 600-N
LW355 * 1460-N
LW450 * 1810-N
LW500 * 1500-N
Drum diameter mm
Drum length mm
Drum speed r / min
Separation factor
Production capacity m3 / h
1 to 2
12 ~ 24
Motor power kW
Length * width * height mm
1545 * 1930 * 774
3470 * 1785 * 1055
3380 * 1540 * 890
3573 * 3164 * 1112
Machine weight Kg