LWL Horizontal spiral filter Centrifugal machine

Equipment Overview:

LWL-type filter type spiral discharge Centrifugal machine, can be running at full speed, continuously feeding, dehydration, washing and discharging of the operation.Widely used in solid / liquid separation in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and mining and other industrial sectors.This machine is particularly suitable for solid-liquid separation of Glauber's salt, ammonia, sulfur, salt, citric acid and crystalline polyethylene, polystyrene, particulate suspension.Where the machine and material contact parts are used 1Cr18Ni9Ti (0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti according to user requirements can also be used) manufacturing, with strong corrosion resistance, such as the machine is used more corrosive materials such as chlorine ions of the material special requirements, the user can be made when ordering.
LWL series horizontal spiral unloading filtering Centrifugal machine running smoothly, good washing effect, large capacity, high economic efficiency, it can run at full speed for the automatic suspension of continuous feeding, washing, dewatering and unloading.Is a highly efficient solid-liquid separation in the separation device.It applies to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, mining and other industries solid-liquid separation, separation of the solid phase in the suspension of 10% to 80% of the solid particle diameter line in the 0.13 ~ 5mm (0.2 ~ 2mm effect is a plus) range or crystalline form of solid particles, such as citric acid, gulonic acid, salt, fruit juice, ammonium sulfate, urea and the like.The models meet the GMP standard design.
LWL horizontal spiral centrifuge discharge filter

LWL horizontal spiral unloading filter Centrifugal machine
LWL horizontal spiral centrifuge discharge filter schematic

LWL horizontal spiral unloading filter Centrifugal machine schematics
How it works:

The main motor driven drum and spiral through the pulley differentials in different high-speed rotation.
Suspension continuously along the feed tube, the feed aperture 6 through the small end of the spiral wall of the drum wall to the dispersion.Due to centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown out through the screen holes and the drum wall and the housing via the filtrate outlet is discharged outside the machine; solids are retained on the filter, to form a residue layer.Due to the presence of the spiral and the drum speed difference, the role of the screw conveyor is formed by the small end of the residues continue to push big-endian, big endian the residue was launched drum slag discharge port chassis, suspension is so automatic, continuous the filtrate and the residue is separated.
Separation of the suspension and the drum speed is closely related to, the speed difference between the drum and the screw, feed rate, the concentration of the suspension, the suspension should be different to choose the most appropriate test parameters, and the differential speed of the drum control than under the same circumstances, regulation can be changed into the shaft speed differential speed.

Typical uses:

Chemicals: polyethylene, polystyrene, fumaric acid, urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium nitrate, polyamide, caprolactam, sodium carbonate, compound fertilizer, sodium chloride, medicine, sodium sulfite, vitriol, polyvinyl chloride, iron ferrite, polyethylene glycol, activated carbon, various resin.
Food: citric acid, tartaric acid, sodium glutamate, amino acids, salt, sugar, xylitol, corn fiber, saccharin, flax, coffee and the like.
Mining: iron sulfate, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, thiocyanate amine.

Technical parameters:
Item \ Model
LWL320 * 200-N
LWL450 * 300-N
Drum diameter mm
Drum length mm
Drum speed r / min
Separation factor
Differential speed r / min
Production capacity (solid phase) m3 / h
1 to 2
Main motor power kW
Length * width * height mm
940 * 1165 * 950
1340 * 1850 * 1230
Machine weight Kg