IL Centrifugal discharge Centrifugal machine

IT-type centrifugal discharge centrifuge

Equipment Overview:

IL-type Centrifugal discharge Centrifugal machine, feeding, separating, drying and discharging continuously.High efficiency, no special unloading mechanism, simple structure, large capacity, low cost, easy maintenance.


Any contact with the material parts are made of stainless steel or the use of anti-corrosion coatings.It consists of filtering drum, driving seat, base, inside the casing, the outer casing and the cover and other components.The drum is a double cone, the inner, annular passage is formed between an outer layer.The drum has a distributor cone filter drum lined, steel drum shaft structure supported on the rolling bearing, the upper end connected to the drum shaft, the lower loading sheave by a motor, the centrifugal friction clutch through the sheave block drive.Entire rotating body upright, bearing supported by a number of vibration-damping rubber pads on the base, solid, liquid, respectively, the lower outer casing and the inner casing is discharged.
Material from the feeding tube inside the drum into the dispenser, liquid is accelerated and uniformly distributed on the inner wall of the drum at the bottom of the centrifugal force, solid-liquid separation in the initial sieve, due to the continued impact of the liquid feed it along drum wall up automatically, and further dehydrated in a conical wall, the separated solid phase material is quickly thrown off the drum is discharged at the bottom of the collector.

Typical applications:

This type of feed rate changes and sensitive to changes in particle size distribution, the separation of different types of materials, cone angle Centrifugal machine drum, screen space, speed and other parameters of the corresponding parameters are different.This model is mainly used for the separation of crystalline particles larger than 0.1mm, amorphous materials and fibrous materials, such as sugar and salt separation, ammonium bicarbonate, sulfate, titanium, plastic granules and short fiber materials separated from triose paste.

Technical parameters:
The main technical parameters
Motor Power
Length * width * height
Drum speed
r / min
Separation factor
Production capacity
t / h
1000 ~ 1600
250 ~ 645
0.5 ~ 0.8
1200 * 800 * 1200
800 ~ 1300
225 ~ 570
1.5 ~ 3.0
1450 * 910 * 1500
750 ~ 1100
252 ~ 540
2.0 ~ 3.5
1600 * 1100 * 1700