Automatic backflush Filtering machine

Equipment Overview:
AF automatic backwash Filtering machine with continuous filtration, automatic backwash sewage, compact structure, smooth and reliable operation, large capacity, low operating cost, long life advantages.Supernatant filtered out using its automatic backwash filter, without removing the filter cleaning, nor do they need to reprovision the cleaning system.Cleaning, sewage process Filtering machine is in the process equipment operation automatically, one by one when cleaning the recoil of each filter, the other filters are still continuous filtration, to ensure a continuous supply of the filtrate.Backwash water consumption: when the machine is cleaned recoil at the same time only one to two filters, one of ten to twenty fraction representing the number of whole filter, so the sewage water is less than 5% of the design flow, backwash can automatic (timed, differential pressure), manual switching, programmable logic controller (PLC) control.

How it works:
Aircraft impetus by filtration and backwash hydraulic head or pump head materials provided.System pressure chamber remains substantially constant filter, the filter fluid flow outwardly from the cavity, the solid impurities are entrained in the closure of the inner surface of the filter medium, the pressure rise caused by the inner and outer chamber, the filtration resistance increases.When the differential pressure controller inside and outside the chamber pressure exceeds a set value, the differential pressure controller sends signals to control the motor starts, driven backwash arm rotation, while open outfall export electric diaphragm.Backwash arm rotate at each filter element (cartridge) averaged a backwash, regeneration, and so on.
AF automatic backwash filter

Automatic backwash Filtering machine
Filtration process


Note: 1 The above table design pressure of PN 0.6MPa; 2 inlet pipe diameter using GB9119.7-88; 3 users filter media, filter precision, the table data will be different. ..