SF Sterilizing grade filter

Sterile filter SF

Equipment Overview:
SF terminal sterile filter is a filter, it must be reliable and safe in order to ensure normal production of sterile, otherwise the entire production process will be a problem.Compressed air supplied by the compressor generally contain a number of impurities.Compressed air containing oil or hydrocarbons reached 5mg/m3, moisture content of 11 mg/m3, impurity particles reach 140 million / m3, some compressed air containing the odor of gas.These materials can have a significant negative impact on the filtered off, suspended in the air of fine particles and oil droplets can quickly clog the filter medium, the microorganism can pass through the passage formed.Impurities in the air at high speed particles will penetrate the filter media movement to destruction.While the oil, water and impurities to form the desired medium for microorganisms, microorganisms can multiply rapidly and eventually contamination of the filter media.These impurities during a pretreatment process must be sterile, so that sterile-filtered prior to entering the air filter does not contain water, oil, gas and other impurities odor.Currently most of the air purification system is configured Breweries - sterile filtration system, there is always a sterile filter to solve the above problems.However, before entering the sterile filtration needs a filtration accuracy of 1 micron pre-filter filters - MF filter, a sterile filter to ensure safe and reliable work.

Typical uses:
Pharmaceutical and biological products, ultra-pure water, chemicals, beer, drinks, mineral water terminal sterile filtration;
Sterile filtered solvent: n-butyl acetate, ethyl acetate and other esters, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, other alcohols, acetone, dimethyl sulfoxide and the like;
Electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor and industrial water filtration;
Various liquor filtration liquor, wine, wine, etc.;
Purity chemicals, and filtering liquid plasma products;
Reverse osmosis water filtration system pre deionized water pre-filter system;
Plating solution filtered liquid metal cutting, the photosensitive resist and the magnetic medium;
In liquor, alcohol production process, into yeast tank sterile air to reach the requirements to avoid yeast infection by bacteria.SF sterile filter as a terminal point for each gas filter;
In the production of liquor, alcohol, liquid song prepared, into the body of the seed fermentor tanks and air to reach the aseptic requirements, SF sterile filter as a terminal point for each gas filter;
In the MSG production process, required glutamate aerobic (oxygen) fermentation engineering needs air sterilization treatment, SF sterile gas filter as a terminal point filter;

Technical parameters:
Filtration capacity m3 / h
Port size mm
Accuracy um filter
Filtration pressure
0.4 MPa, 0.6 MPa
Maximum filtration pressure
0.42 MPa
Maximum anti-dropout
0.42 MPa
The maximum operating temperature
85 , at 0.176 MPa
Highest tolerable temperature
142 , at 0.286 MPa
Sterilization temperature
121 , 30 min
According to user requirements, made into different specifications (such as different filtration flow and precision) of liquid SF filter.