VZU type desulphurization gypsum dehydration centrifuge

I. Introduction:

FGD wet flue gas desulphurization technology is commonly used in thermal power plant, waste incineration plant, and cement plant in desulfuration process.

Gypsum produced through FGD process can be separated from the mother solution with VZU type FGD gypsum vertical scraper gravity discharge screen centrifuge and washed. The finished product can be used in producing gypsum panel for construction, special gypsum board or as additive and filling material.

Based on years’ R&D and application experience on centrifuge band advanced technologies of foreign similar products, the company has developed VZU type automatic vertical scraper gravity discharge screen centrifuge for FGD gypsum dehydration with advantages like high technical parameter, good reliability, excellent dehydration effect and high output.

It has been proved by Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group, CHALCO Southeast Copper Co., Ltd. and other large-scale smelting enterprises that the performance of our VZU type automatic vertical scraper gravity discharge screen centrifuge for FGD gypsum dehydration has reached the level of similar foreign products and can totally replace imported products.

Moreover, the company also offers relevant technologies and equipments on gypsum dehydration like pretreatment equipment, concentration and stirring equipment of gypsum, delivery equipment of dehydrated gypsum, mother solution gathering system, automatic control and monitoring equipment of the system, and other packaged technologies and equipments.

II. Technical parameters:

List 1   Boundary dimension

Model Height H (mm) Width W (mm) Length L (mm) Weight (kg)
VZU100/2 1750 1560 2200 4500
VZU125/3.2 2000 1750 2500 6000
VZU150/4 2400 2100 2800 7300
VZU160/5 2750 2400 3150 13500
VZU160/6.3 3800 2600 3200 14000

List 2   Performance parameters

Model Drum diameter
Drum height mm Effective volume
Filtration area
Separation factor Speed r/min
VZU100/2 1000 630 250 ~28 2.0 800 1200
VZU125/3.2 1250 800 500 ~55 3.2 570 900
VZU150/4 1500 830 750 ~80 4.0 565 820
VZU160/5 1600 1000 1000 ~110 5.0 570 800
VZU160/6.3 1600 1250 1300 ~135 6.3 570 800

※The above data varies with the performance parameters of gypsum slurry and is subject to actual protocol.

III. Typical features:

1. Low operation cost:

a. Small power consumption, low operation cost, low actual operating power;

b. Can save cleaning solution and has good cleaning effect;

c. Compact structure, small floor area and low construction cost;

d. Airtight operation, no pollution to the environment, reducing expense on pollutant control and emissions.

e. Full automatic driverless system can save expenses of labour;

f. High reliability, convenient maintenance, less quick-wear parts, low maintenance charge.

2.Energy-saving, no secondary pollution to the environment:

a.Airtight operation, no secondary pollution to the environment:

b. Small vibration and low noise;

c. The desulphurization gypsum treated by centrifuge has low water content and can be used in other industries directly without secondary pollution to the environment;

d. Automatic control, low operation power, energy feedback system, the whole dehydration centrifuge system has new philosophy of energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. Can get high-quality products

a. Good cleaning effect, high efficiency, low chlorine content of finished gypsum (less than 100ppm), high purity;

b. High solid-liquid separation efficiency, low residual moisture content (6~10% w/w).