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Hefei Tongyong Environmental Control Technology Limited Liability Company(Hefei Tiangong Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
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Beautiful Hefei
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Add: 29# Tianhu road, Hi-tech District, Hefei, China(New district of Hefei generalmachinery research institute)
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Beautiful Hefei
Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, located between the JAC, Chaohu Lake. City, a total area of 7266 square kilometers, built area of 130 square kilometers, the city's total population of over 460 million, of which the urban population of over 130 million, is the province's tourist center of the city. 
Hefei long history, from the Qin County, has been 2200 years of history. Due north central China, south near the Yangtze River, the calendar is a military town and contested, since ancient times, "South lips and teeth, Huai right lapel throat", "JAC first gun, Wu and hub," said. Wu Wei, especially the Three Kingdoms period in Hefei up to 32 years old at war, leaving Hefei Xiaoyaojin teach Nu station, the three Metro and many other relics of the Three Kingdoms. Long history, creating a large number of celebrities. Have a greater impact Bao, Li, Duan Liu Ming-chuan and Taiwan's first governor, Nobel laureate Chen Ning Yang and so on. 
Hefei beautiful environment, the city is green. Old hold in my arms, melting into the park around town; Greenfield bursts, Andrew Bird gathered Zipeng National Forest Park; glittering, ho Chaohu expanse of eight hundred years; and Bao Cultural Tourism Zone, emblem Park, scenic western suburbs, outside the meantime, all delightful. In 1992, Hefei was awarded the first "garden city" title, in 1999 won the "China Excellent Tourism City" title. 
Hefei is a city of light, the Meiling refrigerator, Rongshida washing machine, Grass Japan, Kaiyuan tires, Hefei Haier are well-renowned national brands. 
Hefei convenient traffic, Luo Gang Airport is a modern international airport, opened to international and domestic routes, more than 40. Connected to the railway and the national railway network. Hefei-Xuzhou, Hening, a nest Wuhu, Hean, such as co-six highway leading to the country. Hefei Fengyang Ming imperial tombs are to the north, Shouzhou city, Bozhou; south to Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Taiping, Tianzhu, Qiyun; east to Chaohu, Langyashan; west to scenic spots such as Tiantangzhai ideal transit station. 
Friend, you are welcome to Hefei! 
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