Hefei Tongyong Environmental Control Technology Limited Liability Company(Hefei Tiangong Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
Hefei Tongyong Environmental Control Technology Limited Liability Company(Hefei Tiangong Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
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  About us
Add: 29# Tianhu road, Hi-tech District, Hefei, China(New district of Hefei generalmachinery research institute)
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About us

Hefei Tongyong Environmental Control Technology Co Ltd is a high-tech joint-stock company of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute was established, the original Hefei Tiangong Science & Technology Development Co Ltd all business for the company development, all incorporated into the Hefei general environmental control technology limited liability company filtration and separation machinery division, after the integration of the Hefei general environmental Control Technology Co. the company mainly relates to engineering and technology research, refrigeration and air conditioning, compressors, pumps, valves, seals, blower, environmental protection equipment, packaging machinery, special equipment, separation of electromechanical integration equipment R & D and other related engineering and business, is a high-tech enterprises in Anhui province. Hefei General Machinery Research Institute tech joint-stock companies, high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province. Hefei General Machinery Research Institute was established in Beijing in 1956, moved to Hefei in 1969, is the country's multi-disciplinary, integrated a class institute. Mainly engaged in petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, power plants, defense industry, shipbuilding, environmental protection, mining, food, pharmaceutical and other industries general machinery and chemical equipment design, development, research, testing and corresponding engineering contracting and equipment packages. Won several national awards, and achieved remarkable results! The Institute insist on quality first, user-oriented approach, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, is a first-class technology and products to serve the community and the majority of users.

Hefei Tongyong Environmental Control Technology Limited Liability Company(Hefei Tiangong Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.) is located in the scenic national garden city, science and technology city - .. Hefei High-tech Development Zone, convenient transportation and elegant environment. In order to promote the progress of filtration and separation technology and equipment to accelerate the transformation of the latest scientific research, the company focused on the dozens of filtration and separation has been engaged for many years in the general professional professors and senior engineers, committed to the new filtration and separation equipment, medicine research and development and manufacturing equipment, chemical equipment and water treatment equipment, etc., for many users to solve the technical problems of others unresolved. Research and development related to all areas of filtration separation of 16 varieties, more than 30 series, over 100 specifications of the separation of mechanical products, and has

accumulated a wealth of technical information and design and manufacturing experience. A wealth of experience, is the basis for successful performance of the company based, forward-looking technology, innovation.

The product is the source of the company's development. The latest development of the product: direct-coupled centrifugal extractor, centrifugal extraction separation machine, no foundation vertical scraper discharging automatic Centrifugal machine, turn the bag automatically Centrifugal machine, sealed pressure filter washing and drying machine (3-in-1 Filtering machine), automatic backwash Filtering machine and other innovative products to fill the gap, won the national patent protection, and has gradually been applied in many industries, has been widely affirmed by many users. Company's other styling products: Three-column type Centrifugal machine series, Horizontal spiral filtering Centrifugal machine, Horizontal Decanter Centrifugal machine, Pistons pushing Centrifugal machine, Horizontal scraper (Siphon) discharge Centrifugal machine, Centrifugal discharge Centrifugal machine, top suspension Centrifugal machine, pressure leaf filter, chamber filter press, plate and frame filter press, Belt type press machines, sludge thickening and dewatering machine and other products. Isolation developed mechanical CAD systems, general mechanical CAD systems and other software commonly used in the separation machinery industry and other general machinery industries. For the food industry, packaging, storage preservation, packaging and preservation of wine and medicine, electronics, mining, oil and other industries specializing in nitrogen, compressed air filtration and drying equipment, CO2 recovery unit and other equipment. The company also offers a number of sophisticated filtration and separation products, technology transfer, user test selection, consulting services. Extensive cooperation with foreign famous companies, such as Centrifugal machine vibration technology, level detection, security protection, automatic control, selection of imported valves and other aspects of its advanced products, which greatly improves the quality and reliability of the machine, so that the company's product quality Tiangong approached or reached the advanced level of similar imported products. Companies to uphold professional, innovative, pragmatic, honest business philosophy, we promise that the latest products, the best technology, the best service and dedication to our customers friends. Our customers and industry peers willing to co-develop with the times, and I would like this and proud!

Registered trademarks: Tiangong (Registration No.: No. 3292336) 
Trademark meanings: 
(1) trademark red, blue two color composition. Warm red symbolizes creativity, calm blue symbolizes the technological content of our products; 
(2) the overall pattern of Tiangong word mark Pinyin initials "T" and "G" of the deformation and character "Tiangong" constitution. Prominent trademarks theme. Text Tiangong meaning "exquisite equipment, skillfully wins Tiangong" 
Strong (3) "T" in the sense of movement and sense of speed deformation, meaning the company and positive work style. "G" meaning the company opening deformation insatiable attitude. Overall pattern was rising red sun, a symbol of vitality and momentum of rapid development of the company vibrant!
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